Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Advanced Cartomancy: Divining With Playing Cards and Tarot Simultaneously

Playing cards are a wonderful divination device, with just as much potential as tarot if taken seriously.

Ive had a few people message me about my yearly forecast spread, asking me both how and why I combined both tarot and playing cards in the reading.

When Tarot and Playing cards are used in combination, we get a whole new dimension of divinatory meaning.

Standard Tarot spreads such as The Gypsy, The Horseshoe and even the Celtic Cross can be enhanced by the combining tarot with playing cards.

Here is a very simple example of divination using both tarot cards and playing cards simultaneously.

A friend of mine posed this straightforward question:

I'm having trouble in work, can you please shed some light on the situation?
To answer this question I'm going to lay out a simple spread.
3 tarot cards are laid out left to right representing past, present and future.
A fourth card is placed face down above these, this face down card is the advice card, it is turned over at the end of the reading.

Next, I take my playing cards and give them a shuffle, cut the deck and remove the first card. The 10 of hearts, so I place this card over the tarot card representing the past.
Because it is a 10 I then count 10 cards into the deck and turn over the next card. It is the 7 of clubs, this goes in the position of the present and the process is repeated with me counting out 7 cards for the future.

Now the spread looks like this:

The Tarot cards give an overall background to the situation, whereas the playing cards represent more specific actions and events.

First we look at the overall spread.
2 Major Arcana and 1 Court card, this indicates the situation is largely abstract and calls for an emotional or mental shift rather than a physical one as a solution to his problems.
2 black playing cards and 1 red playing card, the overall situation is negative, however there is hope.
The recurrence of the Number 10 in the playing cards is significant, the number 10 occurring twice in a card reading represents a change of circumstance (is this a new job? has there been some change in the work place? perhaps a new colleague or a new manager?).

After the brief overview to see where the reading is heading, we can fully interpret the cards.
Ive provided textbook meanings of the cards here to help you along if you'd like to divine also, but remember text book meanings are only a guide, interpretation of the cards should lie fore mostly in the intuition of the diviner:

The Past:
The King of Swords; Power, command, authority etc, etc. Intuition is pointing towards a stern male manager within the workplace.
The 10 of Hearts; Good Luck and Happiness, due to the recurrence of another 10 in the reading also a change.

Interpretation: A male manager who was quite stern and had your back in work, you felt happy working underneath him, you are no longer working under him and since he has left not only have you felt less happy in work but also feel as though misfortune has crept into your professional life.

The Present:
Judgement; Change of position, renewal, outcome, also exactly what is intimated by the card.
7 of clubs; Prosperity and success, be careful of trouble coming from a person of the opposite sex.

Interpretation: Since changing managers you have lost sight of your personal potential for success and prosperity in the workplace, you must overcome your fear and believe in yourself that nothing has really changed. Also be wary of a judgemental female colleague who is scrutinising this behaviour and perceiving it as weakness.

The Future:
The Lovers; partnership, love, trials overcome.
10 of clubs; Unexpected money coming in, good luck, travel abroad. Also the recurrence of 10 indicates a change.

Interpretation: After a holiday with your partner, expect returning to work to bring a new perspective. You will be happier and more positive in work, promotion and a good relationship with your new manger is on the horizon.

Now the Advice card is turned over.

The numbers of the playing cards already laid out in the spread are added together:


9 cards are counted from the deck, the ninth card is flipped over and placed over the Advice card like thus.

Advice for the querent:
Strength; Power, force, courage etc
9 of Clubs; Don't be stubborn, achievement, a new admirer

Interpretation: Stop being so negative, things are not as bad as they seem, your negative attitude is brought on by fear of change, which is causing you to court misfortune. It takes a bigger a man to accept and adapt than what it does to fight change.

xx xxx

OK, that's all well and good, a very simple reading for a very simple question.
But combining decks can give more complex readings.
For example here is a spread of my own design, I like to call this one of my "compass rose" spreads.

4 Tarot cards are placed in the middle at the cardinal points, each one representing a point of the compass.
Playing cards are counted out again using the method given above (jokers are given the value of 1, Aces are low, also having the value of 1.) And spread clockwise, 3 at each cardinal point of the compass starting in the East ending in the North.

This spread is very useful as it can be interpreted in a manner of ways, for example it could be used like a calendar to give someone a yearly forecast reading. I.e East could represent spring-time, the Hierophant here giving an overall feeling to the season and the three playing cards representing the months of March, April and May each card representing a specific event in these months when read in conjunction with the Hierophant.

Another way of reading it would be in a psychoanalytical way. Each cardinal point representing an aspect of the querents psyche, for example the tarot in the East might represent how the person thinks and communicates, the 3 cards specific thoughts and expressions, South their creative outlets and endeavours, west their Emotions and dreams etc....

If you where of the mystical bent and wanted to be really clever, you could read the whole thing in relation to astrology. This would give the reading a whole new dimension.
For example North might represent the element of Earth and the 3 cards the astrological Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, East the element of Air and the 3 cards Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, etc.
So in this case, The Jack of Diamonds, is in the position of Taurus, under the influence of the 8 of Wands which is in the position of Earth. This might represent a home loving, affectionate fair haired young man who is enthusiastic about doing creative pursuits at home, which in turn is meeting with the disapproval with the people he lives with...

Have fun and good luck with your readings!

Friday, 6 January 2012

Forecast for 2012!

Sorry its been a while since Ive updated this blog. I thought Id start 2012 with some divination for the New Year.

This is a sort of brief divinatory overview for 2012 . Ive also written a monthly rundown in the style of a horoscope forecast for all those who fate has brought here to read it. That way hopefully everyone will be able to dip in and take away something meaningful.

Hope you enjoy and you all have a wonderful 2012!

I cast this reading using tarot, playing cards, dice and the chain of St Michael. Here is the result:

The Saints that are most auspicious for 2012 according to the reading are St James and St Expedite. Both are excellent and powerful intercessors!

The angels suggested by the reading to rule 2012 are Sachiel and Adachiel.
These 2 angels rule over the domains of politics, travel, money and leadership aswell as adventure and jovial disposition.

St Raphael also seems to be going to have some important influence over this year. He is associated with healing and medicine as well as some aspects of romantic love to a lesser extent.

Key themes for 2012:
An especially lucky year for you if you are female. Fertility, travel and money are very important themes this year for everyone.
However, this is generally an unfortunate year for legal endeavours in all their forms.

Lucky associations for 2012:
The colour BLUE is an extremely auspicious symbol this year, perhaps more so than any other correspondance given here.
The number 7, also all multiples of 4.
Lucky charms incorporating images of birds of prey, fish and scallop shells are great things to have in 2012.
Omens surrounding the weather, especially rain and lightening will be fortunate.
Anything foreign coming from overseas carries meaning and luck.
Roots such as vine leaves, mint, nutmeg , star anise, palm leaves and juniper berries are all auspicious roots for this year.
Summer is the most auspicious season of this year, especially August.

Unlucky associations, warnings and ill omens for 2012:The colours yellow and white are unfortunate.
Be wary of lies, theft and gossip.
Images of crows and magpies(!)
Rootwork involving vandal root (valerian) will have a more than usual nasty effect, as will work involving wormwood and castor.
Winter is a bad season this year, as it will bring mourning in some form.

Monthly Forecast:

Harsh changes may be afoot, especially changes brought about by a necessary journey. A time to be grateful for home and the everyday things we have.

A highly auspicious time regarding money, especially in terms of receiving money from partners and one to one employer/employee relationships. Nostalgia in regards to the home and sentimentality may colour the mood for this month. A good time to spend with grandparents, parents and children.

A great month for playing games of chance. Blessings in all forms can be found from immediate family members, especially children. Also a time to exercise mindfulness and being grounded, as both daydreaming and flights of fancy have the potential to lead you astray this month.

Creative inspiration is in abundance during this time.
Be wary of people of the opposite sex who you are not involved with romantically. Sexual frustration may also be a problem especially if you are male, however, male virility should not be a problem!

Overenthusiasm may consume you, be careful you do not fall prey to those who might deceive you whilst you are blinded by excitement.
Joy can be found in the form of plants and animals, especially pets.

Ensure to get out more, even if you dont feel like it. To not move may be stifling. Trying something new will bring much happiness.

A misfortunate month to be caught up in any legal proceedings whatever their form. However, a fortunate time for women moving within social circles.

This month is all about love, marriage and fertility. An excellent time to embark on anything relating to the heart. The potential for new romance or deepening existing romance is immensly favourable this month. Perhaps the most auspicious month of the year.

Another fortunate month for money but also travel, holidays and journeys taken in this month will be joy filled. Should any emotional troubles bother you at this time then you should make contact, seek solace, support and advice from female friends and relatives who live a distance from you.

Fortune in the form of serendipity and material gifts can be yours this month providing you take an optomistic and playful attitude towards life. Birth, abundance and again fertility are all key themes. If you are trying for a baby now would be an excellent time.

Be wary in work, especially if you are feeling stagnant or hopeless in your job, this feeling will pass. The potential for problems in the workplace are a real issue this month arising from job dissatisfaction.

For those of you lucky enough to be offered any kind of business partnership, jump at the chance, now is a very auspicious time relating to this kind of endeavour. New romantic relationships started at this time will meet with dissaproval from others.