Monday, 9 July 2012

Mojo magic.

Ive been getting lots of messages recently asking me for help with divination. Not so much divination techniques but rather ritual ways for people to increase their intuition and open up their "third eye".

Ive also had one message requesting I do a post on mojo bags.

So I thought it would be good to kill 2 birds with 1 stone and create a sixth sense mojo to help people with divination and  psychic visions.

For those of you who dont know, a mojo is a little drawstring bag (usually made from  red chamoise or red flannel) filled with roots and curios, the mojo is given life by the root worker by ritual means and treated as a living entity. This means they must be fed and cared for if they are to be effective.

I always carry my own personal mojo for luck, protection and power on my person at all times, Ive had him a long time, he contains a large john the conqueror root, a black cat bone, a medal of my patron saint and other strange secret magical things.

When we make a mojo, we say we "tie a mojo".

There are lots of different ways to tie a mojo, here is how I tie a mojo. If you do not like the way I tie it, do it your own way or feel free to tie it in the fashion of a root worker you know who makes successful mojos.

(Large fancy mojos I made a while back for love drawing and seances.)


My personal dos and donts when tying a mojo:

  • Do always have an odd number of items in your mojo, this ensures the power of the mojo cannot be cut in half. 3, 5, 7, 9, 13 and 21 are all auspicious odd numbers.
  • Do feed your mojo regularly with apropriate conjure oils, whiskey or cologne.
  • Do talk to your mojo expressing your desires.
  • Do give your mojo a secret name.
  • Dont ever tell anyone the secret name or they will have power over your mojo. 
  • Dont ever actually tie knots in the strings of your mojo when closing it.
  • Dont ever let anyone touch your mojo.
  • Dont ever open your mojo.

Ok, now to make a sixth sense mojo you will need the following:

  1. A small drawstring bag
  2. A purple candle
  3. A psalter or bible
  4. An apache tear
  5. Coltsfoot
  6. Star Anise
  7. Dirt from the gate of a cemetary
  8. Mugwort
  9. A rattle
  10. A little vial of psychic vision oil

(Apache tears, a type of obsidian. Obsidian has been prized in many cultures, from 17th century Europe to the Aztec Empire, as a scrying medium.)

Take a white plate and set the purple candle going in the middle, arrange around this candle the apache tear, coltsfoot, cemetary dirt, star anise and mugwort. Light the candle and recite the first 4 verses from Psalm 49.

Pick up each item on the plate in turn and talk to it, telling it what quality it is you want it to bring to the mojo and drop it into the bag.

Spirit of obsidian, reflect ontowards me signs and omens.
Spirit of coltsfoot, open up my eyes to the past, present and future.
Spirit of the cemetary gate, draw towards me the voices and wisdom of the departed.
Spirit of star anise; bring me the gift of prophecy.
Spirit of mugwort; bring me success in the psychic arts.

Now pick up your purple candle and snuff it out in the bag, spit in the bag and pull the draw strings tight. Wind the strings tightly around the neck of the bag 3 times but do not tie them.
Now your mojo is ready and he needs to be woken up, take your rattle and shake it over the mojo to wake him up, tell the mojo his secret name and what his job is, tell him you will feed him well if he works good for you.
Feed your mojo a few drops of psychic vision oil by allowing a few drops to fall on him and put him in a safe place such as the box where you keep your tarot cards, a purse, pocket or even on a cord around your neck. Remember to feed him regularly with a few drops of the oil whenever you feel his power is waning.