Monday, 26 March 2012

Opening Roads

Ive been playing with an online graphics program and decided to give the blog a new fancy look, hope you all like the oldy worldy dime store magic theme and dont think it too pretentious!

Anyways, on with the conjure :)

Sometimes your just stuck in limbo, things dont seem to be going anywhere, either in general or in specific areas of your life. It happens to the best of us. There are worse things than being stuck in a rut, but sometimes we have just got to get moving, we need to open our roads.

Thankfully the Good Lord has given us roots and power over their spirits to help us on our way.

Id like to talk about a botanical mixture employed in root work called Road Opener.

What exactly is road opener? Road opener is a specific mixture of herbs, spices and resins sometimes also known by its spanish name "abre camino", each botanical in the mix has a specific characteristic that takes people foward, the characteristics include luck, victory,  prosperity, clearing etc.

Road Opener is available in every conceivable form : sprays, floorwashes, incenses, soaps, oils, bath salts etc. It has a strong yet pleasant clean cinnamony-menthol scent.

It can be utilised in many ways. Somefolk like to infuse the mixture in a bucket of hot water and scrub the floors of their home or business down with it whilst reciting the 21st psalm to ensure prosperity and opportunity in all its forms. Other people carve their name into an orange candle and annoint the candle with road opener oils or the powdered road opener herbs and pray over it to overcome certain blocks in their life or to get out of a rut.

Here is a powerful road opener ritual I use that has formed through trial and error in my own practice, its an amalgamation of several different trads (mainly hoodoo), but it has never failed me and hopefully it will also work for you. After this ritual I always feel optomistic, find myself having luck, making new friends, enjoying better communication  and finding new doors opening in even the most unlikely areas of life.

triple wick lamp and road opener oil

To perform this ritual you will need:

  • Road opener oil
  • A light neutral carrier oil such as vegetable oil (make sure the oil is light or it will not draw up through your lamp wicks)
  • 3 cotton lamp wicks (available from hindu shops)
  • An oil lamp (I like to use clay puja lamps from the hindu hardware store, but use any container you like.)
  • Road opener soap (the soap is available online, if you cant get it, use cinnamon scented soap, not great but workable)
  • Road opener bath mix
  • A key
  • A bay leaf
  • red or orange sharpie pen
  • A lump of camphor
  • Some florida water
  • A china saucer
  • A basin of hot water

First take your lump of camphor, pass it around your head 3 times imagining all the doubt being sucked out your head and soaked into the little block. Place it on your china saucer. Take it outside and balance your key on top, pour a little florida water on it and light it. Stand well back and do not inhale the fumes or let them get in your eyes(!) The key should heat up and melt through the camphor, this is symbolic of the key cutting through your crap and breaking blocks.

Wait for the key to cool, take it inside and drop it into your basin. Add your bath mix to the basin and recite the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be (if you are not catholic use whatever prayers you like, asking your God/s to bless the bath.)

Take your basin and stand it in your shower stall, get yourself wet and scrub yourself all over with your road opening soap, I use special prayers and songs that are personal to me whilst im soaping up, you use whatever songs and prayers are apropriate to your faith.
 Some folk like to pray psalms, some like to pray to St Peter, some sing to Legba, some pray to Ganesha, Hecate, Inari, Elvis, whoever, God is God and angels are angels, whatever names we ascribe to them, at the end of the day we are all talking to the same, you go with whats best for you and what your faith dictates.
Pay special attention to your feet and your head whilst soaping though :)

Once all covered in suds, use a sponge to wash the suds off with the road opening mix in the basin, until all of it is used up and all the suds are gone.
Now you are ready for your Road Opening Lamp. Take your container and fill it with carrier oil, add some road opener oil (not too much, remember road opener contains camphor which may sting your nose and eyes as the lamp burns if you put too much in. One teaspoon to every cup of carrier oil is more than enough.)

Take your bay leaf and write your name on it with your sharpie pen, if you have a specific problem you can write the solution to your problem on the reverse of the leaf. For example if you are unemployed write "Employment", if you are struggling with finances write "Money" etc. Drop this into your lamp oil. Now take your cotton wicks, and place them in the container. Set the lamp on a plate and place it on your spiritual altar or somewhere safe. Light the wicks in a clock wise direction and pray over the lamp using any psalms or prayers you feel are appropriate.

Best of Luck!


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