Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Spitting Venom and Serpent Tongues. Dealing with Gossip, Lies and Slander

Curses dont put men in hearses but wagging tongues dig mens the saying goes.

Gossip. Its ugly, nasty and childish.

If someone is spreading unpleasant rumours about you, it can be upsetting and immensely hurtful.

You should strive to rise above it and ignore people who bad mouth you.

But sometimes gossip goes beyond idle chatter and petty cruelty.
Sometimes it can be dangerous, it can cause innocent people to have their reputations and lives ruined.

God forbid anyone should find themselves in a situation like this, but it does happen.

So if you find yourself the victim of vicious slander you should of course contact the authorities or legal advice.

But it wouldn't hurt also to do some hoodoo on the side.......

Pins are placed through the cheeks of a figure candle to "cross up" a wicked tongue in a ritual performed by me for a client.

There are many magical agents and methods to deal with liars, gossips and to silence people who talk too much. Here are a few:


A type of aluminium salt, its a white powdery mineral you may be familiar with if you are a man who regularly shaves, alum is what styptic pencils are made from, the type you dab your face with when you cut yourself shaving.
This mineral is easily available from chemists (just buy an astringent shaving stick and crush it up in a pestle and mortar)
Alum is also used as a magical ingredient to silence people with big mouths.

Slippery Elm

This powdered tree bark is used magically to silence mouthy people, it also doubles as a pacifier for all manner of bitchiness. Sick of bitching going on in work? Sprinkle it across the threshold for people to walk in whilst reciting Psalm 52.

The Vinegar of The 4 Thieves

Prized by french grave robbers during the plague as an antiseptic to protect against disease this mixture has been credited with magical properties. It is believed to dispel enemies and can be used as part of certain Stop Gossip workings.
Made from vinegars, wormwood and other secret bitter herbs, this concoction can be anything from bright blue to dark brown in colour (my personal mixture is a vivid blue-green colour), it has an immensely acidic acrid scent and will stain.

Scotch Bonnet Peppers

Let the evil doers words burn in their mouths with these flaming hot peppers. 13 of these lethally hot peppers can be stuffed into a beef tongue that has been specially prepared, the tongue is twisted, bound, pierced with 13 coffin nails and buried in a grave, left to rot with prayers and rituals that petition the guilty parties tongue to also rot in his/her mouth.

Maguey Thorns

If used correctly these vicious spikes can prick the tongue and heart of those who speak evil. In extreme cases they can sew the lips permanently shut.

Stop Gossip Oil

Brown in colour with a woody scent, this conjure oil can be used to dress candles for rites in which to stop gossip.


Dead wasps stuffed and stitched into the mouth of a doll can do wonders.


Nettles can be applied in the same way as dead wasps.

Dumb Cane

(Dieffenbachia) More an obeah than a hoodoo thing, also less of a case of magical poisoning and more of a case of just poisoning.
Dumb cane can be used very effectively to shut people up ritually or just by poisoning people with it as it paralyses the tongue and causes it to swellsometimes blocking the airway silencing them......forever.
Don't even think of feeding this plant to anyone. Ever.


Here is a stripped down version of the ritual depicted in the above photograph, you can use this if you ever feel you are the victim of gossip.

 You will need:
  • 2 pins
  • Black human figure candle depicting the gender of the person spreading the gossip
  • Holy water
  • Compelling oil
  • Stop gossip oil
  • Vinegar of the 4 Thieves
  • A dish
  • Alum
  • Slippery elm

Baptise the candle in holy water with the name of the perpetrator and etch their date of birth or name into the candle.
You must now think of and refer to the figure candle as the person you are working on. Never just as "the candle".

Dip the pins in stop gossip oil and pierce them in an X shape through his/her lower cheeks so they are crossing over where the tongue would be.
Anoint the whole thing with Stop Gossip oil.
Blow powdered slippery elm and alum from your left hand into his/her face.
Stand him/her in a hidden corner of your house facing the wall so you can get the idea he/she is an insignificant little midget in your life that you can just step around without consequence.

On a Saturday between the hours of midday and 6pm, stand him/her in a bowl of 4 thieves vinegar and place it on your altar. Light the wick and recite Psalms 37, 52 and 143:12

Desperate times may call for desperate measures.

Leave him/her to burn out. Take the remains in the bowl to the cemetery and dump them at the gates.

Hope you never have to use this ritual. Peace.


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