Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Perpetual Lights for Prosperity

Been having lots of fun lately setting a perpetual light for prosperity and I just want to share.
I was having a recent discussion with a friend about positive affirmation and apparently there are some folk out there who build "vision boards" for prosperity, basically you take a big board and cut out lots of pictures of things you would like in your life a lexus, wads of cash, a house with a swimming pool, a supermodel girlfriend/boyfriend whatever and stick them all over the board, you then use this collage as a focus for positive affirmations focusing your will to bring these things into your life.

They call it daily NLP prosperity affirmation, I call it the steady drip, drip, drip method of magic.

You can never have too much of a good thing, therefore I decided to set up a long term prosperity ritual by setting a permanent light in my home for drawing money and prosperity.

Here's what I did:

First I made a nice mixture of prosperity related conjure oils. I mixed up equal parts of crown of success, Louisiana van-van, double fast luck and shower of gold.
I then laid out a green cloth (this is a contentious issue in hoodoo and conjure, some people say green is a good colour to attract wealth and prosperity because it is the colour of money, American money at least, other say yellow is more traditional because it is close to gold and associated with mercury, the god of business, I use green because that's the way I've always done things.)

On top of this green altar cloth, I placed a small china dish and laid in it prosperity seals relating to the angel Zadkiel that had been anointed with my special mix of oils.
On top of this I placed a handful of coins, a john the conqueror root, a lodestone and a mini horseshoe that again had been anointed. I placed a green vigil light on top of the heap to top it off, this vigil light had also been rubbed with the oil, drawing the oil towards myself as though to draw wealth and luck.

To get the whole thing going I mixed some manzanilla and chamomile with a little john the conqueror punk incense then burnt it whilst lighting the candle and reciting psalms 3, 23, 74 and 76.

I then left the light to burn continuously. After 3 days I started to notice changes, only very small at first, for example I found a £10 note, then the following day I found an expensive pair of trendy headcandy earphones and other bits of luck, then things started to pick up, as though the light was gradually snowballing with the time it had been lit, I was given £75 worth of plants for the roof garden Im currently working on by a family member, then my friend rang me and asked me if I wanted his 28" TV for free as he just bought a new one, then 5days later I was offered £300 to do some book keeping for a friends restaurant. Its been less than 2 weeks since I first lit the light, I think a perpetual flame dedicated to drawing prosperity is definitely going to be a permanent fixture in my home :)

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