Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Saint Expedite

It is said that if Saint Expedite answers your prayers then you should spread his fame, since this good Saint has recently shown me his generosity and kindness then I thought it would be a good place to start this new blog.

So who exactly is St Expedite? there are a few stories going around of how this saint came to be. One of the most common stories is that a group of nuns where outfitting the Chapel of Our Lady of Guadeloupe in New Orleans, they commissioned an Italian artist in Rome for a statue of Our Lady and when the shipment arrived instead of a statue of Our Lady they received a statue of a roman soldier, somehow the shipping order had been mixed up. The nuns where puzzled by the word "epedito" printed on the side of the shipping crate (epedito=expedite, i.e expedite this shipment) and in their ignorance took it to be the name of the strange soldier saint inside the crate.
Sadly as great as this story is, it is not true, St Expedite has been venerated in Europe and the near East since the middle ages. Some say he was a legionnaire stationed in Armenia, who was beheaded for his conversion from paganism to Christianity, others say he never existed at all but was simply an advertising campaign by the early catholic church to warn pagans not to put off their conversion to Christianity lest they die without absolution from Jesus. But who cares about his true origins? What matters is that the living spirit of St Expedite is a benevolent and powerful intercessor here to help us poor sinners get through life.

St Expedite is depicted as a handsome young roman soldier, in his left hand he holds the palm leaf of martyrdom and in his right hand he holds aloft a white cross with the Latin word "hodie" (today) written on it, beneath his right foot he is crushing a crow with the word "cras" (tomorrow) coming from its beak. he is the patron of procrastinators, gamblers, shopkeepers and schoolboys among other things.
However he is most commonly invoked by people who want things fast, especially people who need money fast.

Anyways, I was recently owed a large amount of money, I had been having trouble getting the company who owed me this money to pay up. Omens started to appear in my day to day to life, strange synchronicities and signs that made me feel like God and the Spirits were pointing me towards invoking this saint.
I had never had much luck with Saint Expedite, some people say that sometimes he takes a dislike to certain people and will simply not answer their prayers, I had tried a few times in the past to invoke his aid but he never seemed to listen to me, I figured he just didn't really like me very much (it happens, some spirits you get on with, some you don't.) but I have faith in God and the spirits that guide me so I set about invoking St Expedite.
I prayed to him long and hard and low and behold.....nothing happened. Slightly frustrated i spoke to my friend who is proficient hoodoo root doctor and devotee of St Expedite, I told him exactly what I said to the saint and my friend pointed out what i was doing wrong:
Each time I had invoked the saint I had given him a specific time frame to work in, Id always said "St Expedite grant my request before..." my friend pointed out how rude it was to do this, I should have simply had faith that St Expedite would do what he did best and work incredibly fast.
Realising my mistake I set about invoking the saint again, I lit the candle on his shrine and began to pray, I was halfway through the prayer when I heard a crow caw, I jumped and turned around to see the bird fly past my window, as I turned to face the shrine again my mobile phone began to ring, it was the company who owed me money calling to tell me that the money had been payed into my bank account! Glory to you Saint Expedite!

So there you have it, if you need help in a hurry, especially financial help, don't hesitate to call upon this wonderful and beautiful Saint who is ever ready to help those with faith.

Here's what to do:
On a small table or shelf build a little shrine to him, place an upside picture of him on it, to the left of this place a glass of water, in the middle to the rear of the table place a red candle forming a triangle.
Light the candle and say this prayer followed by the our father, hail mary and glory be:

Saint Expedite, you lay in rest.

I come to you and ask that this wish be granted.

____________ (Clearly express what you want, and ask him to
find a way to get it to you.)

Expedite now what I ask of you.
Expedite now what I want of you, this very second.
Don't waste another day.
Grant me what I ask for.
I know your power, I know you because of your work.
I know you can help me.
Do this for me and I will spread your name with love and honor
so that it will be invoked again and again.
Expedite this wish with speed, love, honor, and goodness.
Glory to you, Saint Expedite!

Once he grants your request give him a gift of pound cake and a bunch of red flowers, then go and tell others about how he has helped you as I have done here. God bless you St Expedite and thank you!


  1. i started to do this ritual to st. expeditus but not answered prayers yet. i am hoping with faith i started doing this 2 days ago. and hope that on friday, november 16, my prayers will be granted.robin treyes

  2. Saint Expedite truly works! Within a week of saying the above prayer my husband and I found a new place, which was huge deal since we were moving over 1000 miles away. I didn't even know about the alter, but we said the prayer every night and every morning and it worked wonderfully.

  3. Thanks Saint Expedite for answering my prayer

  4. He must have liked us; he cleared up some issues that we were having almost immediately. I recently put together a devotional area with offerings because I owed him one.

  5. Happy Feast Day, Saint Expedite. Today, I honor and ​glorify ​your name​ for you are the glorious martyr who answers prayers with haste​.​ I am truly blessed ​to have received your assistance in the past and give thanks for the help you will provide me in the future. ​​Today is your day, and I praise your name- your delivery is true and ​your promise complete.

  6. Thank you, Saint Expedite. I praise your generosity and your swift action. I called on you and you kindly heeded my prayers. You cared not that I wavered, but you still assisted me. My petition has not fully been answered, but I recognize the progress made and I give you thanks. Please continue to provide assistance- I am truly blessed and hopeful for your delivery is true and his promise is complete. I praise the name of the glorious martyr who answers prayers with haste!

  7. It's been barely a month since I found St. Expedite and he has been amazing and great and miraculous and I thank him for everything he has down thus far and I await for greater things. You ROCK St. Expedite!!

  8. Thank you saint expidite for blessing my prayer for me and Danielle. I thank God and you everyday for what u do and what your doing

  9. St. Expedite I thank you for allowing me to petition before you I have complete faith that most glorious one that you will make haste to intercede before the throne of God to answer my plea and I will be forever grateful to you and share your name “St. Expedite” as the Great Saint for those in despair.

  10. Oh Dearest St. Expedite would you please answer my urgent prayer. I am in need of your mercy and help for this request and will continue to pray to you daily for me and my family. I will be forever grateful to you for answering my prayer and I will spread your name St. Expedite to others. "ST"

  11. Happy Feast Day, Saint Expedite. I will honor and ​glorify ​your name​ for you are the glorious martyr who answers prayers with haste​- your delivery is true and ​your promise complete. Thanks for your past and future assistance.

  12. He has always come through for me, I just said another desperate pray n have been praying for the last 2 days to answer my pray tomorrow, I will update to prove that he does answer your prays!!

  13. Saint Expedite. Please help me urgently in getting a suitable good stable job to support my family. I am in dire straits and crisis now. I have full faith in you and i will honor you and glorify your name.